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Business Development / Competitor Intelligence Research

What you know and understand about potential clients, or your competitors, before you come face-to-face can make all the difference in your planning and execution.  Two sides of the same coin, we help you prepare for these encounters.

grey_button.gif (269 bytes)  Strategic support to your corporate executives and business managers
grey_button.gif (269 bytes)  Increased understanding of your competition, or identifying new
     business influencers
grey_button.gif (269 bytes)  Project oriented and billed at an hourly rate.

You receive personalized support from a specific consultant, supported by a research team, dedicated to your particular information needs…

grey_button.gif (269 bytes)  Clarifying your specific market needs with Business Executives and Managers
grey_button.gif (269 bytes)  Developing a focused Industry Overview and Profiles of Key Companies
grey_button.gif (269 bytes)  Identifying Corporate Leaders, Business Influencers, and the ways their
     professional resources are deployed

Executive Search

Having the right "mission critical" members compose your executive, management, technical, and professional teams makes the difference in achieving your business objectives.   Matching the right professional skills, style and personalities with your particular organization's style and climate impacts effectiveness.  We introduce you to the people who can achieve your goals.

As our retainer-based client, you receive personalized support from a specific consultant, supported by a research team, dedicated to your particular recruiting needs…

grey_button.gif (269 bytes)   Working with you to clarify the requirements of hiring executives / managers
grey_button.gif (269 bytes)   Assisting you in developing effective position and opportunity descriptions
grey_button.gif (269 bytes)   Researching specific candidate sources and providing you with market data

grey_button.gif (269 bytes)   Identifying and recruiting individuals who meet your specific requirements
grey_button.gif (269 bytes)   Presenting you with a selected group of qualified candidates
grey_button.gif (269 bytes)   Preparing candidates for the corporate interview process

grey_button.gif (269 bytes)   Documenting, in-depth, professional references on finalists
grey_button.gif (269 bytes)   Providing you with competitive market and salary data
grey_button.gif (269 bytes)   Keeping you up-to-date with information on our recruiting activity

Candidate Database Development

Generating potential candidate pools is a difficult process for most organizations.  Wading through resumes from published advertisements or Internet postings to find those candidates who "come close" to matching the right background is time consuming and often fruitless.

Candidate Database Development provides:

grey_button.gif (269 bytes) Targeted support for your management or internal recruiting resource staff
grey_button.gif (269 bytes) Specific research and sourcing of probable candidates
grey_button.gif (269 bytes) Hourly-based services oriented towards your particular business

You receive personalized support from a specific consultant, supported by a research team, dedicated to your particular resource needs who will...

grey_button.gif (269 bytes) Clarify Position Requirements with Hiring Managers
grey_button.gif (269 bytes) Detail Ideal Candidate Profile
grey_button.gif (269 bytes) Determine Sources of Potential Candidates

grey_button.gif (269 bytes) Identify Profiled Individuals and Develop Candidate Pool
grey_button.gif (269 bytes) Qualify and Develop Database of Prospects
grey_button.gif (269 bytes) Report on research, or provide in-depth candidate interviews

Contract Staffing Resources

Ideal for project-oriented RampUps, Restructurings, or OutSourced added support needs, we function as your extended Human Resources Staff.  Projects can be performed On-Site… Off-Site… Combined… Timelines range from short-term to long-term, on a Full-time...   Part-time...  Interim basis.

Recruiting / Staffing

grey_button.gif (269 bytes) Determining requirements and timelines with executives and managers
grey_button.gif (269 bytes) Specifying recruiting plans and candidate sources
grey_button.gif (269 bytes) Qualifying and presenting contenders and monitoring employment process

Executive Support

grey_button.gif (269 bytes) Target Assessment of candidates to support effective new hire management
grey_button.gif (269 bytes) Executive Coaching to acculturate and support newly hired executives
grey_button.gif (269 bytes) New hire Reference Checks, and terminating employee Exit Interviews

Career Development / Transition Center Management

grey_button.gif (269 bytes) Re-Employment Counseling and Goal Setting
grey_button.gif (269 bytes) "Resume Development" and Interviewing Skills Training
grey_button.gif (269 bytes) Job Development and Candidate Marketing

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